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Long before he began covering Florida and national politics, Javier Manjarres was fascinated with the antics of so many “brown-nosing” politicians who would literally say anything in hopes of securing their constituents' votes.


Gaining new insight into the relationship between race, ethnicity and political persuasions really wasn’t of interest to him at first.


Throughout his long travels on the political beat, Manjarres witnessed first hand the greasy tactics and rhetoric employed by operatives and consultants of both political parties as they attempted to woo Hispanic and Latino voters. 


As a bilingual Hispanic and political conservative, Manjarres was often asked by candidates and consultants how they could win over greater numbers of Hispanics — even as the G.O.P. continued on with messaging efforts that amounted to little more than frivolous pandering.




After years of interviewing politicians of all stripes and traveling throughout Latin America, Manjarres decided to chronicle his interactions with the people who’ve shed some light on the political tendencies of “Brown” people — Hispanics and Latinos.    


“Brown People” pulls no punches and takes dead aim at race-baiters, identity politics, and political pandering that are fouling up the political landscape.  Manjarres serves up some very "spicy" opinions on the Hispanic/Latino community and explains some of the reasons why this increasingly important demographic votes the way it does in American elections.


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